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Anúncio: Avionics FMS GNSXLS 17960 Ref:350

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Dados do Acessório

Nome do acessório: Avionics FMS GNSXLS 17960

Modelo: Flight Management System GNSXLS 17960



Estado de Uso: Novo/Usado/Colecionável/Decorativo: Used

Onde se encontra (Município/Estado): USA

Suas Considerações: Flight Management System GNSXLS 17960 Compact, single-box full Flight Management System FMS providing control for aircraft s navigation sensors including built-in GPS receiver, computer-based flight planning, fuel management and frequency management GPS receiver incorporates receiver autonomous intergrity monitoring RAIM for enhanced accuracy on GPS-derived IFR approaches as well as en route and terminal navigation Uses less depth 6.5 polegadas than comparable self-contained FMS making it easier to install in pedestals All flight management functions and system controls are controlled via keyboard on panel Offers Fault Detection and Exclusion FDE enabling it to be used as primary means of navigation during transoceanic and remote area operations Accepts position and velocity information from up to four external sensor positioning units for inputs of one dedicated Inertial Reference Sensor IRS input, two other inputs for IRS and one input for an Inertial Navigation System IN

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